YouTube interview with Thai888 Law Company Thailand 2017

Hello, this is an interview with Barry Upton from the Pattaya Expats Club PEC.
After kelvin Bamfield CEO of Thai888 Law Company gave a 45 minute presentation on Wills Testaments and Probate Barry asked a few more questions.
Here is the interview. thai888 Law will testament thailand Pattaya 2017

A few highlights were that Kelvin said “just make a Will” you dont have to come and see us. But make sure you get it right and put everything together in a book.

Also that its not “Bad Luck” to not make a Will. Rather it is good luck as then you do not put the burden on others to do the Probate, as this demands a court appearance and is a lot of work for your friend or family.

Thai888 Law Company does all law issues in Thailand. However, Kelvin specialises in Probate cases as he is an English speaking Australian and people find him easy to talk to, especially if the person is outside of Thailand.

A grieving friend or relative finds great comfort in being able to ask questions and get answers in English. No disrespect to the Thai people as they do a great job once Thai888 Law sorts out the initial thai888 Law will testament thailand Pattaya 2017 inquiry.

Thank you to the PEC and Barry.


blessing of Thai888 Law Company 2nd office Pattaya

3 monks to bless our new office in Jomtien Pattaya.

This office of Thai888 Law Company is for civil, criminal, family, company Law. There are enough staff to meet your needs. Lawyers on hand to answer you questions and an Australian CEO to make sure the English is correct.

The original office just up the hallway will continue to be for Probate, Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, International Probate inheritance and Beneficiary legal issues.

Also, Allison Monkhouse Funeral Services. Thai888 Law works with the police, hospitals, morgue, autopsy, embassy, family, friends, beneficiaries and named Executors that want to resign. Thai888 Law offers Executor services for those family overseas that cannot travel to Thailand for Probate hearing or appointing the Executor and approving the Last Will and Testimony.


another new office for Thai888 Law Company

law probate testament Will accounts thai888 law legal office funeral directors with allison monkhouse

thai888 work permit customer
thai888 law meeting room 1
thai888 law staff water views

thai888 law has 2 office in the same building
Thai888 Law Office – at number 12 for all legal requirements
OK we still have office 10 in the View Talay 5D building and now we have the corner office 12 overlooking the pool area.

Office 10 is for Living Wills, Last Wills, Probate issues.

Office 12 is for all criminal, civil, consumer, family and company Law issues.

Our LED advertising sign is bright and many people read it.

As soon as the signs are up I will post pictures for you.


TM28 Thai Immigration notice of change of address


Fill out this form if you change address.

Example: If you are currently registered in you home or condo and you then stay overnight in a hotel, you will need to lodge a form with Immigration on your return.

You must do this within 24 hours otherwise you will be fined.