About Thai888 law and Allison Monkhouse Funeral Services

Thai888 Law is fully registered with the DBD in Thailand as a Law Company.

Work we do is Civil, Company, Family and Criminal cases. Thai888 deals a lot with Immigration, Labour, Revenue, Land Offices and most Embassies, consulates, Law Companies in Thailand and around the World.

Our strength is that we have 2 offices. Our Australian CEO deals with making a Living or Last Will. Kelvin makes sure you understand as all Thai Documents are in Thai. WORKING with our in-house translators makes sure the documents are acceptable to both you and the courts.

Just making arrangements for your funeral is not enough. If you are going to plan your funeral then this is just a very small part and as it’s all in Thai you need to be sure what you are signing is correct.

Office 12 Thai888 Law is the heart of operations where there are Lawyers, para legals, accountants, translators and clerical staff. This is where companies are registered and accounts are done. Where Lawyers meet to discuss your case and prepare plaints for court, where company papaerwork is prepared for registration or revenue department.

In a sentence Thai888 Law is about making the process so easy for you as we do all the hard work from our 2 offices. We have the staff.

LAST as an example of our fees. I see another company changes 12500 baht to prepare a Will. Whereas we charge 5000 baht for 2 copies in Thai and English. Attached to this Will and Testament are all you assets, pensions, car, bike and bank accounts , all together in a booklet to be used one day.

Now that’s planning ahead. Info@thai888.com


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