Thai888 Law one company 2 offices to serve you better.

Law, Lawyer, repatriation, services, Will, Living Will, Law firm, Attorney, Solicitor, Funeral. All in the one company and guaranteed to save you time and money.

Thai888 Law.


Thai888 lawyer buys and and Considered very lucky indeed. Lawyers, solicitor, services, attorney, living will, last will, probate and repatriation.


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  1. Hello all
    well because we had issues with Embassies not wanting to list Thai888 Law and Funeral Company on their websites we have now split off Office 10. DONT WORRY, same staff, same Board, same location.

    Our new name is Abroad Funerals Company. DONT WORRY we still have Thai888 Law Office 12. Same location, same staff, same great service.

    We are still working on the website however it is now at at
    and you can still contact and tel 08 0102 8978

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